One of the major skills that makes us very different is our ability to present the message

We have spoken at some of the biggest blockchain events around the world, giving insightful, interactive and engaging presentations and training in how blockchain technology is shaping the world.

Live Speaking

We are always happy to be keynote speakers at blockchain events and expo's, and we have had many years experience in delivering messages to audiences which doesn't leave them yawning.


We are very capable at delivering training seminars focussing on a wide range of blockchain and emerging-technologies. Whether the audience are complete beginners or highly experienced developers, we tailor our seminars to deliver something very unusual in the tech world.

Expert panels

We have vast experience in providing fresh and interesting ideas on expert panels both live on stage and for broadcast. We bring a fresh perspective, with a combination of technical knowledge and the ability to present concepts in layman's terms.

Powerful and passionate ideas

Matt Starkey and Dylan Leighton, the founders of Oracle-D have a range of skills not normally found in the technology world.

They are both exceptional public speakers, with the ability to present live on-stage, or through broadcast medium, and provide an audience with an engaging experience of blockchain and emerging ideas in the technology world.

Whether it's talking about the new concepts of crypto-economics or the social dimensions that are changing the world through new innovations, we have a combination of expert knowledge, and the ability to deliver a message in a simple to understand way.

Want us to talk about your concept or service, and deliver it in a manner that will blow your audience away? We can do that too, and we really are very good at it.



Ask us to appear at your event

Come and talk to us about how we can add value through our public speaking and training services.

We are well known for incredible, passionate and insightful presentations, and we really can add a touch of colour to your event.