Guaranteed cryptocurrency returns

Suitable for all investment portfolio's, our unique system allows investors to add funding to projects to improve their performance by simply holding Steem.

Safe and Secure

Unlike most investment vehicles, your funds never leave your wallet. They remain under your control at all times.

Guaranteed Returns

For as long as you hold Steem, and are signed up to our system, you will continually be generating new tokens.

Very Low Risk

Because your Steem is never spent, loaned or traded, there is virtually no risk of losing a single token of your holding.

Wide Range of Projects

Choose to support projects you like the look of, and give a boost to their success. Support as many projects as you like.

Ethical Investing

Oracle-D never works with projects that harm the world, only ones with a positive social impact which makes life better.

Simple to Join

We make it easy to purchase and hold Steem if you don't already have any in your cryptocurrency portfolio.

How investing in Oracle-D projects works

It is important to note that when we talk about investors, we are not asking you to invest in Oracle-D. You are investing in projects that you like on the Steem blockchain, and earning new Steem tokens as your return.

When you join as an investor/supporter to Oracle-D projects, your Steem holding supports other projects which are running on our platform by increasing the rewards pool of newly generated Steem, which is used to incentivise our high quality content creators to work on client projects.

Investors purchase Steem tokens which are loaded into your personal wallet, to which only YOU have the keys. Once you have logged into our platform, the influence your tokens have can then be proxied (delegated) to specific projects.

As users work on these projects, new Steem is continually generated by the system. Some of this new Steem goes to pay the users who do the work, and a proportion is also paid to you, the investor, as a dividend.

At no time are ANY of your tokens out of your control, nor are the keys to your wallet ever given up. This means that as long as you ensure your keys are safe, there is virtually no risk of ever losing a single one of your tokens... All that occurs is you support projects, and share in the newly generated Steem that is created by the rewards pool.

This means your portfolio continues to INCREASE your Steem holding, as all that happens is your wallet continues to GROW in the number of tokens you hold.

Although we cannot guarantee the price of Steem at any given time, this is a sustainable business model which enhances the value of the Steem blockchain, and continually adds buying pressure to the price.


load steem into your wallet

Purchase and hold Steem in your wallet.


choose an oracle-d project to support

Decide which projects you'd like to support


clients perform tasks on oracle-d platform

Content creators work on the projects you support


new Steem created on oracle-d projects

New Steem generated by the blockchain


oracle-d investors earn steem for supporting projects

A share of the new Steem goes into your wallet

Liquidating your holding

You can liquidate your holding over the space of 13 weeks. Each 7 days after initiating liquidation, you will receive 1/13 of your powered up Steem into liquid Steem which you can then convert back to any other popular cryptocurrency.

Simple purchasing process

Securely purchase virtually any volume of Steem at often better-than-market rate, without extortionate fees, or having to concern yourself with low liquidity on trading platforms.  Suitable for individual investors, corporations and cryptocurrency fund managers.

Track your portfolio

You can see the growth of your Steem holding at any time, and see it's value in US Dollars as well as the number of tokens your portfolio has increased by on our simple dashboard. You can also track the success of projects you're supporting.

Risk Analysis

This solution utilises one of the worlds biggest blockchains, handling well over 1 million transactions every single day. There are no transaction fees on the Steem blockchain, and the ecosystem is designed to inflate at a fixed rate annually. This inflation of tokens is distributed to various different actors who interact with the blockchain.

Proxying your voting influence to Oracle-D does not require you to give up any control of your tokens, nor do you have to hand over your wallet keys. We use secure, industry standard, and encrypted methods of transaction, which are trusted by thousands of experienced users on the Steem blockchain.

Currency exchange is handled by a licensed exchange which is used by almost all Steem blockchain users, and is integrated securely into the Oracle-D platform.



If an investor follows the best practice guidelines for securing their Steem account (guidelines which are essentially the same for any cryptocurrency wallet) there is virtually zero risk of tokens being stolen, or reducing in number.

Return on investment is around 15% in additional Steem tokens per annum, although the actual return cannot be guaranteed, as this relies on a number of factors, including the number of projects being supported and participation of users.

Liquidating your holding is easy, and takes place over a 13 week period. This is a standard function of the Steem blockchain, and in no way related to the Oracle-D platform.

Legal Disclaimer

Although this investment opportunity is extremely low risk, you are advised that, as for any investment, you should do your own research. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Oracle-D are not licensed financial advisors, nor do we make any warranties about the future potential of the Steem blockchain, or the associated cryptocurrencies supported by it.

A truly innovative way of investing.

Adding influence to a reward pool assists project owners in building their communities quicker. It means high quality content creators earn financial rewards for choosing to participate. And it guarantees your Steem holding grows on a daily basis. It's the perfect investment vehicle for the blockchain age.


We are ready to help you start your Steem investing journey. Register your interest now.