We are experts in creating on- and -off chain software solutions

Our team of highly skilled software developers provide a full service offering with particular expertise in blockchain and cryptographic solutions


We provide a full range of services from initial consultancy to final deployment and management of your platform.


We have a stunning development team, and highly professional management team with experience handling multi-billion dollar contracts.


We build practical solutions, using the most efficient technology for the job, and we communicate patiently using simple to understand language.

Innovation & Invention

We are on the cutting edge of the new technological revolution, and are experts at delivering both on- and off- blockchain solutions to all sizes of clients.

We invented the unique Multi-Proof-of-Brain (MPoB) system, which efficiently interfaces human beings with the blockchain, creating robust and scalable systems which can be used for a mutitude of applications.

From developing technology which supports and incentivises corporate innovation programmes, to deploying global decentralized fund distribution solutions for third sector organisations, to creating sentiment analysis tools, our expertise is in solving real world problems using the most efficient and secure technologies possible.



oracle-d programming languages

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