Our exceptional quality content creators earn Steem for engaging with client projects on our platform.


Clients set various tasks on our platform, and we engage with some of the best professional content creators out there to fulfil them, and reward them with Steem Cryptocurrency.

Oracle-D provides regular voluntaryist work for the very best content creators:

There are no contracts, no minimum earnings before you get paid.

All you need is a Steem account and a desire to create astonishing quality content

Come and join us if you are a:

Blogger / Writer

Bloggers who enjoy doing some research, then writing about it, and giving honest opinions and thoughts.

VLog / Film maker

Creative video makers who want to make informative, fun, educational,  and downright WOW videos for our clients.

Technical Reviewer

People with a critical mind and a keen eye for detail who can review everything from a whitepaper to a press release.

Social Media & Content Marketing Gods

If you are one of those people who has content marketing all figured out, and a strong understanding of strategies to improve SEO and visibility across the internet, we want to encourage you to come and choose to be part of the family.

Help our content creators get their work seen far and wide, as you assist our clients with spreading their message in an organic way without Spam.

Preventing Plagiarism

We stop any form of plagiarism made by Oracle-D content creators by encouraging the Steem community to report any they find. You can get paid for finding and proving any. As a result, we have zero plagiarism on our platform.

Request Access Now

We do not simply allow just anyone to join. Only the very best, most professional people with serious talent, an excellent work-ethic, and a generous side helping of personality and character get access to the Oracle-D platform.

There are 2 levels which you can be on, and these are both by invitation only.

  • OPEN PLAN authors can access the basic tasks
  • PRO PLAN authors can access all the open tasks, and the much meatier Pro tasks too.