We have expert knowledge and ability to communicate and execute blockchain projects

We are developers with a difference... We provide easy to understand consultancy to corporate, institutional and government level blockchain projects.


We have a deep knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology, as well as a unique ability to think radically and develop inventive and novel solutions to real world problems.


Although we are highly skilled technically, we know not all of our customers are... otherwise they wouldn't need us! We communicate on a completely different level, patiently explaining and documenting every step.


We passionately care about blockchain, and are enthusiastic users and developers of this new technology... and as a result, we take pride in our client relationships, because together we are changing the world.

Radical and transformational thinking

Blockchains have the power to transform the way the world works, and it is still in it's infancy. The potential of distributed and decentralized technology to solve real human sociological, political and economic issues cannot be understated.

The speed with which this technology is developing cannot be underestimated, and institutional and government level organisations often lag behind in terms of adoption.

We provide consultancy and training services to allow you to understand and make development plans efficiently, and our guidance is absolutely vital for agencies which are planning to implement blockchain solutions for virtually any reason.

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