"A completely revolutionary way of creating a movement"

We use the latest blockchain technology to reward exceptional, professional and highly skilled individuals to engage with your project, and perform to the best of their ability.

Organic communities at zero cost

No need to spend your capital: you simply hold Steem, set your tasks, and reward professional people for participating in your project with newly generated cryptocurrency.

Unlimited creativity and potential

Whether you are looking to create hundreds of high quality, SEO rich blogs to drive your online presence, or get an orphanage built in a developing world country, our system works!

Forge your own community

Our system can be scaled into your own business. You too can have your own physical or virtual community, and reward them for performing tasks or achieving results.

The most unique and clever system for engaging human beings on the planet

Getting people to engage with you means incentivising them. And that means building a community, which in turn normally means spending a whole lot of money to encourage people to pay attention to your message.

Our system incentivises some brilliantly creative, highly professional, hard-working people to choose to participate in your community. And you don't need to spend huge amounts of your capital on making that happen.

We generate brand new cryptocurrency and use this to reward these exceptional people for volunteering to get involved in your project. It is the only system in the world that actually pays YOU to market your own product, or create your own movement!

How it works

The client purchases and holds Steem in their wallet. They then 'proxy' the vote to Oracle-D. This simply allows us to use the influence to create new cryptocurrency. We cannot sell or run off with your tokens (it's impossible).

Tasks are then released via our platform, and users volunteer to engage with them. Tasks can be open to all registered users, or locked and only available to the very best. Once users have completed a task, it is reviewed by the Oracles, who check it to make sure it both meets the guidelines, and they grade it for quality. Multiple Oracles can be used to ensure decentralised grading.

Finally, users are rewarded with new cryptocurrency. They do NOT receive any of the clients tokens. They stay intact, and are never spent.

load steem into your wallet

Client loads Steem into their wallet, and proxies the voting influence to us

oracle-d assign tasks to our voluntaryists

Tasks are assigned to the voluntaryists through our platform

voluntaryists perform tasks on the oracle-d platform

Users carry out the tasks, and publish via the Oracle-D platform

oracle-d oracles review work for quality and validity

Oracles review the work to ensure it is valid and grade for quality

new cryptocurrency created and paid to content creators on oracle-d platform

Users who produce high quality work are rewarded with newly mined Steem

Make your project blast off with additional funding

You have the option to allow other investors to help improve your output by adding their own funds or Steem holding to your project.

This means your project gains additional traction with a larger rewards pool. The investors will earn a return on investment for adding their capital, and it won't cost you anything else. This is a way to significantly enhancing your project goals.

Our solution works to build highly effective communities across a range of industries

There is literally no limit to what Oracle-D services can be used for. As long as there are people willing to participate in a project (which means your project has to be interesting and have value) then we can create a movement of individuals who want to be part of it, and reward them on the Steem blockchain.


Here are some of the industry types we typically work with:

blockchain company ico cryptocurrency oracle-d

Blockchain ICO's

Get your ICO seen, honestly reviewed, and your message spread far and wide across the internet, in a completely organic, and superfast way. Our people already understand the blockchain world, and they are experts at analysing and propagating feasibility, and know exactly what is important in having a successful ICO.

marketing agency seo oracle-d

Marketing Agencies

Instead of hiring your own people, or outsourcing content creation to a third party, you can simply hold a pot of Steem, and week by week create new content for all of your new clients, without it costing you a single penny. You can even use it for SEO exercises, back-linking and cross-pollination on multiple social networks.

third sector humanitarian charity company oracle-d

Third Sector

Distribute capital and funding to humanitarian or charitable projects in another country, and get it fulfilled and managed by local people with intimate grassroots knowledge of the community. Oracles review and verify that work is being completed, in a totally transparent, fraudproof and ethical way.

software developer oracle-d

Software companies

Have multi-lingustic people translate your whitepaper or technical documentation into other langauges, or get brilliant beta testers to try new software and report bugs. You can even populate new online games with a whole load of ready-made players or even act as live community support or moderators for your new platform.

Want to run in a more traditional way?

We know not everyone might want to buy and hold sizable pots of Steem.

We provide a range of different options for clients who have a small holding, or even no holding of Steem at all. Visit our community page and find out more about what we can do for you.