"Humans are naturally predisposed to both competition and collaboration...We just decided to put this on a blockchain"
Dylan Leighton, CTO Oracle-D

What we do

Oracle-D is a very unique and different kind of company. We use blockchain technology to engage clients with highly professional, smart and hard working people with a range of skillsets, who voluntarily choose to perform work on your behalf.


This work is often to do with building communities of real and engaged people, and usually takes the form of marketing and promoting a product, predominantly through the creation of provably unique, interesting and SEO rich content.

How it works

Very simply, because of the unusual and peculiar properties of the Steem blockchain, we are able to incentivise and reward our amazing content creators with the creation of new Steem cryptocurrency for their work.

We ask our clients to hold Steem and delegate the upvote power to us. This creates our own rewards pool, which we then use to create the environment where people choose to engage in friendly competition, in a constructive and supportive way.


We take care of everything, and our profits come from taking a small commission of the new cryptocurrency generated each time a post is made on your behalf.

Voluntaryism and incentivism

In our model, voluntaryists may be rewarded for their participation through the Steem blockchain with newly generated cryptocurrency, but it is not guaranteed that they will earn anything. So how does it work?

This works by tapping into the incentivist theory of psychology. It says that if you agree a rate for someone to do a piece of work (let's say, you offer them $20 to write a document), they will generally tend towards doing the least amount of work to ensure they satisfy the requirements to earn that money. And many businesses that employ people find that out for themselves quite regularly!

But what happens when you encourage people to compete for a rewards pool where they could earn a higher amount?

Some will choose not to bother, and others will set the bar high, and continually jump over it. These are the people we engage with.

We also incentivise them to support one another too, to freely help each other to thrive, to share and learn from one another, and to work together where appropriate.


This is the embodiment of positive capitalism and free-market economics, where both individuality and mutual collaboration are incentivised and rewarded.


Matt Starkey - CEO

matt starkey - CEO of oracle-d

With a long established career in the oil and gas industry managing multi-billion dollar contracts, Matt was an early cryptocurrency adopter and is the co-founder and visionary leader of Oracle-D, and his passion is using blockchain technology to fund decentralized humanitarian and community projects in a transparent way.

Dylan Leighton - CTO

dylan leighton - CTO of oracle-d

A polymath, inventor, radical thought leader and exceptional public speaker, meshing technology with psychology, philosophy, economics and game theory, he co-founded Oracle-D with the intention of influencing and changing the way that humans interface with the blockchain, and other emerging technologies forever.

Prashant Bhalla

prashant bhalla - Digital marketing expert at oracle-d


Digital Marketing Freelancer and Content Expert, and a full time content creator on the Steem Blockchain. Prashant is highly adept at creating new ways to develop first class content using various forms of media and strategizing its distribution on the Internet. Key strength includes analyzing complex information and converting it into easy-to-understand form for the masses.

Ivy Riane

ivy raine - head of publishing at oracle-d


After serving as a communications expert in the US Navy for many years, Ivy moved into the field of Search Engine Optimisation and digital publishing after an operational injury. She has used vast skills and knowledge as an expert in content marketing to found and run sites such as Operation Hero Assist, which supports veterans, and is now our head of publishing.

Sean Kim

sean kim partner advisor at oracle-d


Founder and Visionary Think Tank of Decenternet and the Anuvys Meta-Corporation as well as the Decentralized World Movement For Liberty and Freedom.

Sean Kim is the mastermind behind the conception of the Decenternet (Dnet) and the decentralized Anuvys browser technology.


Patrick Makedonas

patrick makedonas ico advisor oracle-d


Patrick studied Law in the University of Hull and discovered Bitcoin in 2014. Since then, he has been an advocate for systems that remove the need for third parties to verify information. In the blockchain sphere, Patrick has performed community management, content creation, marketing strategies, whitepaper auditing, whitepaper creation and content management for major blockchain and ICO websites.

Ryan Marsden

ryan marsden - financial advisor at oracle-d


An expert in project cost-planning and corporate governance. With a long track record of working with major international corporations, and a strong understanding of financial modelling and critical cost-path analysis, Ryan provides inside-track knowledge and insights from a fiduciary and legislative perspective.